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Meet the Staff

The teachers and support staff at The Dunblaine School are a dedicated and multi-faceted team that empower each and every child to succeed. All teachers are highly trained with a background in special education and work cohesively to place each student in the appropriate classroom to realize the full potential of both the child and the class. In addition, the team is knowledgeable in choosing outside activities and programs to complement the academic curriculum. Professional resource references for children with learning disabilities are also made available to families of Dunblaine students through the expertise of our staff.


Classroom Teachers

Elizabeth Corazza   ✉️
Classroom Teacher

Hons. B.Sc., B.Ed, OCT, Special Ed. I & II,

ABQ Senior English & Social Science,

Ontario Graduate Certicficate in

Behaviour Science & ASD

Elizabeth has been teaching since 2016.  After an initial year working with newcomers to Canada in English and ESL, she returned to her original focus on younger students at the primary/junior-level with the goal of having her own classroom and working with exceptional children.

Since then, Elizabeth has been working with diverse junior-level learners.  She is knowledgeable and compassionate regarding diagnoses and challenges that students may face in the classroom (including ADHD, ASD, ODD, GAD, LD, MID) and has developed student-specific strategies and approaches to learning that accommodate these exceptionalities.  As a teacher, Elizabeth's goal is to help inspire confidence and motivation in young learners, such that coming to school and learning is a positive experience.  She believes in the critical importance of creative and collaborate teaching, and is eager to incorporate these themes into all lessons, especially literacy and math.

As a lifelong learner with the intention of becoming a more conscious, empathetic educator, Elizabeth continues to refine her pedagogy and professional expertise with additional qualifications courses and a post-grad program in Behaviour Science.

Danielle Feenan   ✉️
Classroom Teacher

B.Sc., B.Ed., OCT, Special Ed. I

Before embarking on her teaching journey in 2018, Danielle had accumulated over 5 years of experience working with children in a variety of engaging and rewarding roles. She volunteered at schools in Namibia and South Africa, assuming the role of an ESL teacher in Thailand, and subsequently excelling as a Learning Support Assistant for 3 years in primary schools. During this period, she specialized in implementing Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and collaborating with children with diverse learning abilities including LD, ASD and ADHD. These experiences not only deepened her affection for working with children but also fueled her unwavering passion for ensuring universal access to education.

Danielle's expertise encompasses early years reading, particularly in reading recovery and phonics. Since relocating to Toronto in 2019, she has dedicated her efforts to working as a private tutor, delivering tailored lessons to students ranging from grade 1 to 7. This opportunity led her to become a private teacher in St Lucia, and she also partnered with the TCDSB for group tutoring.

Outside of her professional commitments, Danielle immerses herself in various cultures through her travels. Her profound commitment to wildlife conservation has driven her to volunteer at wildlife sanctuaries in Namibia, South Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, and St Lucia. This passion seamlessly integrates into her teaching, enabling her to craft dynamic, inquiry-based lessons that explore a wide spectrum of environmental subjects, fostering an engaging and active learning experience.

staff - MsFeenan2_edited.jpg
Kathleen Benbow   ✉️
Classroom Teacher

B.A, M.A., B.Ed.,

Teaching Students with Behavioural Needs,

Special Ed. I, OCT


Kathleen believes education is foremost about fostering students’ opinions and developing their empathy in a safe environment. Before joining Dunblaine in 2020, she taught in the First Nation community of Sandy Lake for three years, where she worked with many students with special needs. It was through her experiences here that Kathleen realized how essential it is to ensure students have a voice and choice in their education, as well as to ensure there be a community focus and relevance to what they learn in the classroom. She also taught ESL in South Korea for two years. Prior to becoming a teacher, Kathleen earned her Master’s degree in Women’s Studies and Feminist research, informing a focus on equity and diversity in her teaching.

Barbara Billing   ✉️
Classroom Teacher

Hons. B.A., B.Ed., OCT, Special Ed. I

Barb has devoted more than 15 years to teaching special education. Her extensive experience spans across both public and independent schools. In her earlier years, Barb taught mathematics and language at Arrowsmith School, specializing in students with learning disabilities. This role ignited her passion for teaching those who have unique learning styles.

Subsequently, Barb played a pivotal role in the development of a resource program at Bond Academy, where she served as a dedicated classroom teacher for numerous years. Transitioning to the role of a resource teacher, she continued to contribute her expertise. More recently, Barb fulfilled the role of an educational support teacher at Waldorf Academy, gaining valuable insights into the powerful impact of arts, rhythm, and child development awareness on effective learning.

Barb's ongoing enthusiasm stems from her ability to apply these diverse experiences. She channels her insights into crafting lessons and programs that ensure her students' success and provide them with the necessary support for optimal learning.

Resource and Program Specialists

Renee Nerima   ✉️

B.A., B.Ed., Special Ed. I, II, & Specialist, OCT


The satisfaction gained from working collaboratively with colleagues, professionals, and parents to foster a nurturing and constructive learning environment for students has drawn Renee to Dunblaine for over 18 years. Helping students develop problem solving skills, social and emotional maturity, and self-esteem are tackled as earnestly as promoting academic skills. She takes pleasure in seeing that her students are good citizens who take pride in being responsible, caring, ambitious, and tolerant. Implementing meaningful learning activities, such as the Tuck Shop, have grown into school wide traditions that teach students a variety of life long lessons, such as math, social skills, organization, money management, and problem solving. Renee enjoys being the costume designer and dressmaker for Dunblaine's yearly musical production. 

Deborah Farber Estany

A.R.C.T., Mus.Bach.


Deborah incorporates all the different aspects of music in order to interest students, encourage them to joyfully express themselves and create beauty. During organized exposure to the many styles of music—classical, popular, folk, jazz and world music—all aspects of learning become involved. Music requires attention, perception, emotion, cognition, memory and motor control. Deborah’s goal is to foster musical appreciation that can grow and last for a lifetime.

Barbara Citron​
Resource, Drama, Dance

B.A., B.Ed., Guidance I, OCT


Barbara has been teaching French and Drama programs at Dunblaine for over 20 years. The drama program encourages communication and creativity through improvisation, role playing and different physical activities. Students learn that learning can be fun, that they CAN be successful, that each of them is important, valued and loved. Barbara incorporates life skills along with the curriculum and encourages students to be kind, considerate and respectful of each other. She feels blessed to work with such a dedicated staff who care so much for each other and the students, and who work together every day to make learning fun and successful.

Danny Fekete   ✉️
Resource, Technology

Hons. B.A, B.Ed., M.A., Special Ed. I, OCT


Danny has been with Dunblaine since 2012, specializing in technology-integration, media literacy and safety, and computer skills.  His focus in the classroom is on creating a safe and trusting environment to explore critical thinking and inquiry, to develop self-awareness around technology use, and to foster online safety.  Individually, he provides extra help for students with specific needs and develops enrichment programs for students to explore their strengths at greater depth.  His goal is for students to leave Dunblaine with empowerment – both in terms of a sense of their own abilities, and with genuine, reliable skills to allow them to continue growing and learning on their own.

Joseph Blanc   ✉️

B.A. in Progress

Joseph Blanc is an aspiring BA student majoring in mathematics with a minor in classical studies. He is fluent in French and works as a French teacher. Joseph's teaching journey at Dunblaine began in 2021, where he initially served as a teaching assistant and math tutor. Over time, he has transitioned to teaching Dunblaine's French program.

His mission as an educator is to inspire and ignite students' enthusiasm for math, French, science, and geography. With his extensive volunteering experience and dedication, Joseph aims to make Dunblaine a transformative and impactful experience for the upcoming generation, just as it was for him.

Laura Wilson

Laura is a Toronto-based musician and instructor. She graduated with a diploma in Vocal Jazz Performance from Humber College, as well as completing Grade 9 Piano, and Grade 8 Voice, through The Royal Conservatory of Music.

As an instructor, Laura has a wholistic approach to teaching. She mentors students in technique, artistry, theory, composition, and improvisation. Her students have been admitted to post-secondary programs at Berklee College of Music,
Humber College, Wilfred Laurier University, Metalworks Institute, and University of Ottawa. One of her students received a gold medal for achieving excellence from The Royal Conservatory of Music.

In addition to performing in clubs and festivals around Toronto and the GTA, Laura has performed as a top-rated Piano Bar Entertainer with Carnival Cruise Line. She was named "Favourite Discovery Artist" in a poll by SkyJazz radio in 2015.

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