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Camping Trip Tomorrow!

Dear Parents,

In anticipation of our trip tomorrow, I wanted to provide you with some reminders, further information, as well as the schedule.

Firstly, please plan tomorrow’s drop off at the school by 8:30 am sharp. We will all meet at the front of the school with belongings. Be sure that your child has a labelled water bottle, and it should be filled for the trip there. The lunch that you plan to pack will be eaten once we arrive, but snacks will be taken on the bus. Remember, NUT FREE, SESAME SEED AND OIL FREE. I would add to the packing list pj’s and a plastic bag to put wet clothes into. All electronics must stay home. If there's an emergency, you will be immediately contacted, and one of the staff will provide an update of the day.

Secondly, if your child requires medication, it must be contained in a plastic zip lock (ideally) and labelled. It needs to be given to Ms Rodrigues or your child’s classroom teacher, who will be responsible for keeping safely and administering as applicable. Epi-pens will stay with your child.

Lastly, the students will be divided into 5 cabins (by gender) and there will be a cabin with at least one staff adjoining (a door between them). We will have 3 groups of students (mixed ages and gender) for the rotation of activities (as per below). The camp will have 5 staff in total, four to facilitate activities and one taking care of cooking. Pasta, garlic bread and salad is planned for dinner, and toast/cereal and muffins for breakfast. They will take a bagged lunch to eat on the bus ride home.

Here's a schedule of our trip:

Day 1 (Thursday, September 8)

8:30 Students to arrive-stay at the front of the school

8:45 Students aboard bus

9 am Departure from Dunblaine

12:00 Dunblaine Arrival & Picnic Lunch 1:00 Move Into Cabins 1:30 Welcome to Kodiak! (The Campfire Pit) 2:30 Rotation 1 (Low Ropes, High Ropes, Canoe) 3:45 Rotation 2 (Low Ropes, High Ropes, Canoe) 5:00 Rotation 3 (Low Ropes, High Ropes, Canoe) 6:00 Dinner (Dining Hall) 7:00 Free Play (Lawn Games – Around Main Camp) 7:45 Campfire! (The Campfire Pit) 8:45 Back to Cabins

9:30 Lights out

Day 2 (Friday, September 9)

8:00 Wake-Up and Pack 9:00 Breakfast (Dining Hall – Luggage to Turn-Around) 10:00 Big Group Game (Main Camp) 11:00 Grab Lunch and Prepare Departure 11:30 Dunblaine Departs

Thanks everyone for helping to make this trip possible!!

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