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Deborah's Health

Dear Parents,

Your child may have mentioned Deborah's absence, and we are pleased to have her back doing music today. However, I am sharing with you that due to her recent diagnosis of Breast Cancer, she has to undergo a series of chemo treatments and unfortunately got off to a horrific start. She does plan to continue to implement the music program, and in her absence we have been sharing this duty as best as we can. Mrs. Ezer has been bringing in her guitar, and I have been working with the younger students exploring some of the orff instruments.

Secondly, the students have been informed that Deborah has a medical condition that requires treatments and as a result hair loss. She did not use the word "Cancer."

Lastly, we ask that everyone be mindful about sending their child to school sick. Deborah is highly susceptible to contracting illness.

Thank you,

- Charleen

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