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Tuck Shop Grand Opening: Friday, October 13

Dear Parents,

As another school year has begun, Dunblaine is in the midst of getting Tuck Shop ready to open. This year, Mrs. McDonald’s class will be running Tuck Shop. The store will be operating by next week, October 13th, and will be held weekly on Fridays. We’ve already held a “soft opening,” during which students were welcomed to see some of what Tuck Shop will be offering, as well as to sample some items.

At Dunblaine, Tuck Shop is collaborative activity directed to teach students practical, if not critical life skills such as:

  • Planning and preparing

  • Developing math skills in money sense, measuring and practical application of basic math operations

  • Responsibility

  • Social skills

  • Making decisions

  • Budgeting

  • Working collaboratively in a team

Tuck Shop is offering a selection of eatable options in addition to trinkets. We will sell freshly made fruit smoothies and popsicles in the warmer months, popcorn, mini chocolate bars (rather than full-size), snap peas, veggie sticks, and baked treats made by the students. The spending limit for your child per visit is $3.00.

To help your child be prepared for Tuck Shop day, please ensure they have some money to purchase items. For students in Miss Turner and Ms. Griffin’s classes, we ask that you please send $20.00 with your child before the start of Tuck Shop to be given to the teacher. The teachers will then budget the money with the students for each Tuck Shop day. For the students in Mrs. Nerima, Mrs. Ezer and Mrs. McDonald’s classes, please send your child with money in a wallet, which the students will bring with them on the day of Tuck Shop to purchase items. It is important that all students are prepared to have the opportunity to participate in this school-wide learning experience.

Any profits accumulated by the end of the school year will be used towards an excursion, such as “Skyzone or Ripley’s.”

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Mrs. McDonald

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