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Discover Dunblaine

A Secure and Friendly Environment

Since 1969, Dunblaine has offered caring and nurturing educational services for children with learning disabilities. Originally situated in the church on Dunblaine Avenue in the North Toronto community, the school was founded as a collaborate effort by local parents whose children's needs were not being met by the public system.


The Dunblaine School is now located in a former residence on Deloraine Avenue, in a quiet residential area less than a block from Yonge Street. This location provides a safe environment with easy access to many community resources including parks, libraries, local merchants, and public transit. Students enjoy regular excursions in order to build critical life-skills, responsibility, and independence.  According to need, this can include safe navigation of streets and the transit system, banking, buying groceries and supplies, and practicing restaurant etiquette and ordering.  It also facilitates the transition for older students to commuting home independently, where possible.

Our School Features:
  • Five classrooms, with an average class size of seven students.

  • Highly trained and certified special education teachers, are able to meet the unique needs and abilities of elementary children who learn differently.

  • Library and computer resources are available in-house to all students.

  • A large fenced backyard provides ideal outdoor space for games, recess and lunch periods.

  • A circular driveway easily facilitates car and school bus pick-up and drop off.

  • Our school opens at 8:30 for students to begin their day promptly at 8:50 and ends at 3:00 p.m., with the option of homework club until 4:00 p.m.

Specialized Approach and Methodology

Our specialized approach and methodology builds self-esteem and self-confidence, and promotes meta-cognition and self-advocacy. This way, Dunblaine creates opportunities for success by developing a better self-understanding of each student’s learning differences and strengths.

Student Respect

All students enrolled at The Dunblaine School are expected to follow the school's "Standards of Behavior" that promotes respect, civility and responsible citizenship through acceptable behavior in the classroom, school and community.

Class Size

All classes at Dunblaine are multi-graded and multi-aged; children are placed according to their academic, social-emotional and overall developmental needs and abilities. The duration of class placement varies with each child. The principal considers the best possible class dynamic that will optimize all areas of development for the child at the time of entry and each school year. Our average student/staff ratio is 7:1.

Student Progress

Student progress is carefully assessed, documented and shared on a consistent basis. Parents receive ongoing communication through agendas, discussions, meetings, and written progress reports at the end of each term. Each child’s progress is recorded in the Ontario Student Record, which parents and students have a right to access by appointment with the principal.

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